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No Small Children, the all-female three-piece out of Los Angeles made up of elementary school teachers is kicking ass having landed the Ghostbusters theme song, started a new tour, and have new music on the way.In a recent conversation with No Small Children, the band spoke about their success in landing their cover of “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker as the theme music to the remake of the iconic 80s movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Their journey from an independent up-and-coming rock band to being on the soundtrack of a major motion picture is unusual.No Small Children is sisters, Joanie Pimentel (bass and vocals) and Lisa Pimentel (guitar and vocals), and Nicola Berlinsky (drums).According to the band, while they don’t typically play covers, they were doing a Halloween show in October 2015 where they went in costume dressed as the Ghostbusters squad from the 1984 movie. As such, they decided to perform their remake of “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker. The crowd loved it, so much that they decided to record it an later passed a copy to the parent of a student, a film composer working on the Ghostbusters remake.

Six months later, in final week of post-production, the band received a call. Director Paul Fee and Ericka White were interested in the No Small Children’s version of “Ghostbusters” for the movie. “They not only loved our song, they loved our music, the loved our story, and really like everything about our band,” said Nicola Berlinsky.

The band has since released the cover via RCA.

The movie exposure has lead to several high-profile stories leading to more coverage by the media, including the news outlets such as LA Times, CBS, TMZ, and local and regional airplay.

“We’ve been road dogs and teachers … for [a long] time,” said Lisa. “It turns out everywhere you go, you make these connections.” Something that is paying off for the band.

Joanie points out that their networking is not a business strategy. “[Building connections] is us enjoying meeting and playing with other people, and investing in those relationships,” she said.

This is the fruits of the band’s approach at reaching out to fans through multiple channels.

With support from former students spread across the country, their home base of Los Angeles, and family connections in Boston, the band is growing their fan base organically through frequent touring.

Exposure has gained many new fans. Former students have also supported the band. A promoter for their upcoming Buffalo show is a former student. “We’ve been teachers for a long time,” said Joanie.

Regarding the future, No Small Children has a new song in the works for this fall produced by Bob Marlett, known for work with artists like Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, and Filter. Marlett worked with the band previously. Their third studio album, Hold Tight, I’m Flying, released July 2015 (read our review). Lisa produced the album which was mixed by Bob Marlette.

Another new thing for the band is their new sponsor, Pin Up Girl, who provides the dresses for which the band is known.

As the providence looks kindly on No Small Children, many opportunities are appearing on their horizon. When asked about the choice of continuing to teach and being fulltime signed musicians, “We take every opportunity as it comes,” said Joanie. “What a wonderful problem to have.”

However, while opportunity may lie just ahead for the band, they have more pressing needs following the tour. “Let’s just say, we are getting our [class] rooms ready for the fall,” adds Joanie.

The No Small Children tour starts tonight in Boston at the Thunder Road Music Club & Rock n’ Roll Bistro.

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