Respect from fellow musicians

NSC received this wonderful note on May 4th 2015…


I’m a pastor in a small Midwestern town in Ohio (Lima). Yesterday we held a special worship service geared toward bikers. About 2000 people on 1200 motorcycles showed up. Our band used Might Get Up Slow (complete with brass) as part of this year’s theme which was “Get Back Up” (cause if you ride, eventually you’re going to lay the bike down). In any event, the song was a huge hit.

Thanks for writing it!

God Bless, Bryan Bucher Lead Pastor Shawnee Community UMC (Lima OH)”

We reached out to Paster Bucher expressing our thanks and appreciation for his kinds words and for sharing this beautiful experience with us.  He followed up with an additional note….


Attached is an audio recording (just a digital recorder turned on back at the board) of Shawnee Community UMC’s rendition of “Might Get Up Slow” at our 15th Annual Blessing of the Bikes. This year on the first Sunday in May, between 1200-1300 motorcycles rolled in to be blessed at an event designed to raise safety awareness as motorcyclists take to the road after what was an epically bad Ohio winter.
After hearing No Small Children on a story NPR did on teacher’s “after school hours” lives, Pastor Bryan Bucher went internet surfing to find out more about the band. Upon hearing ‘Might Get Up Slow’, after it rocked his face off, he decided then and there the song would help introduce the 2015BOTBLima theme, which was “Get Back Up” (because in life, like on a motorcycle, sometimes you end knocked down, but you gotta get back up, dust yourself off, and let that time of trial strengthen, not break, you).
The live performance was accompanied by a montage video made up of footage from previous year BOTB celebrations. The crappy audio doesn’t do the song justice, as the full house got up to get down, energized by a worship band transformed by the energy of No Small Children’s epic song.
Much thanks to No Small Children for releasing this piece of awesomeness into the world.
God bless,
Bryan Bucher
Shawnee Community UMC”


Some kinds words for NSC came in an email on April 24th, 2015….

“Good Morning, Ladies –

Rarely am I moved to go beyond merely listening to a band that I enjoy (and by rarely, I mean never). But your music thrills me, and I’m compelled to reach out and convey my appreciation for what you do. So, here I go:

One – Your songwriting is outstanding. “Trophy Wife” sports more hooks than a Norwegian fishing expedition.

Second(ly?) – Your live performances radiate a sincerity that can warm even the coolest spectator. I’ve been a performing musician all of my life, and NSC knows how to work a room.

C. – The vitality of your music is made all the more visceral by virtue of the fact that it’s not made by 20-somethings, but by people of my own age… This is a powerful thing, and more people should know that artistic expression and enthusiasm for life has no expiration date.

Soooooo – THANK YOU for (unwittingly) representing those of us who’ve been lucky enough to survive past 40 with our creative hearts not only intact, but beating stronger than ever.

Beep Bop Boop,


-Kai Blackwood, Tokyo Death Squad, April 24Th, 2015