The LA Beat

by Aileen Fraser, The LA Beat

The LA Beat January 28, 2015

Relatively new on the L.A. scene, all lady trio No Small Children have been tearing it up, one dive bar and one small club at a time. Expect them in larger (and more expensive) venues, soon. Right now, though, you can see them in a neighborhood near you. And you should.

With songs ranging from an awesome “drive to work” song, Might Get Up (I might get up slow, but I get up), to a song with actual real no shit YODELLING (especially awesome live)! Not gonna name the song. See them. You’ll get it.

Most of the songs are super tongue in cheek, but then you get one or two that are from-the-heart empowerment shit, be you female or male, such as Survivor Face, and a Let it Go  that has NOTHING to do with the song from that Disney movie.

A super slice of amazing pop-culture awesome is KMA (Aka You Can Kiss My Ass). Taylor Swift wishes she wrote this. It’s that sweet. Charlie Girl and Mary Tyler Moore would be soooo jealous, Mr. Grant would approve. We think.

This writer’s fave of faves? The beautiful ode of all odes to a a mature LTR: Baby I Love You, Even Though.

Power anthem: Eff You in any Language. I mean, really? In ANY language. Yep.

They play this Saturday at El Cid. The video above is a soft nod to the goofs at the local dive where they cut their live show teeth.

-Aileen Fraser, The LA Beat