Segarini, Don't believe a word I say

by Frank Gutch Jr., Don’t Believe a Word I Say

Segarini, Don’t believe a word I say, May 2013

I let loose with these ladies the first time I heard them. The first salvo of Wenches & Bitches did it. Three-man (er, woman) rawk it is, straight out of the heavy metal songbook— or not. Hard-drivin’ rhythm guitar, great hook and everything else you need to bang your head. Hell, the song screams wall of sound. Turn it up! You want wall of sound? Catch the chorus of Mystical. Makes you wish that radio is what it used to be. What the hell is Mystical? Rock ballad metal? Not too many bands doing stuff like this anymore. Want a little fast-paced punk with a pinch of humor? Salad is fast, crunchy and funny as hell— a theme for those always on/not on a diet. Even has a bit of a Shangri-las break which is way cool. It may not be as angst-ridden as Sex Pistols or even The Zeros, but I’m Irritated makes its point in punkish fashion and Dear Youth is an honest musical retort to people who think aging is a sad thing, Lisa Parade singing (and loudly) “Dear Youth, you got it all wrong / Who knew that I could ever feel this strong / I’ve got a job and a car and a home of my own / Understand my own voice through an honest song / Dear Youth, I’m good with the way that I am / Who knew that forty-two could be so grand / I’ve got no fixer-up boyfriend to hold my hand / I’m in bed before ten, you wouldn’t understand.” Screamed through a PA system at full-volume with a trio of maniacal ladies pounding their instruments like crazy? Yeah, the young would get it. They might even like it. I sure as hell do.

If they do have a song that is hitbound, though, it is Might Get Up Slow. Like Robert W. says, it is “fuh-reeking great!” The rhythm alone will have you dancing. Songs like this you have to hear to believe, especially in this day of musical overkill. And, yes, I’m gonna be a nice guy. You can listen to it here. Don’t say I never gave you anything. And by the way, that incredible soulful voice at the end? That is Lisa’s amazing sister and the bass player of the band, Joanie Pimentel. Whew! And I couldn’t possibly not mention the pounding rhythms of drummer Nicola B. Without her, the children would be a lot smaller. Oh, and just for your information, these ladies are teachers by day. God, but what I wouldn’t have given for teachers like them.